Papeles decorativos y Puertas en Málaga

Doors in Málaga. Tesesa. We manufacture the door you need

At doors Málaga Tesesa we are specialized in the design and manufacturing of both, interior and exterior doors. We dispose of a great range of materials, finishes and styles. We are at the forefront of design, incorporating innovative materials, so that your inner doors will give a special, exclusive and unique touch to your rooms and outer doors will ensure the security of you house’s, dwelling’s or commercial premise’s entrance.


The most distinguished and valuable quality of Tesesa’s doors in Málaga with regard to other sector companies is that we complete a personalized design, as we are manufacturers and are able to tailor any door to your needs, preferences and desires.


We offer you the latest developments concerning timber, woodcarving, etc., so that your product will be unique and totally personalized.


Doors in Málaga Tesesa • Exterior


Exterior doors at Tesesa Málaga are characterized by their high quality, distinguished design and maximum security. We offer market’s most secure locks which ensure the safety of your house, business or commercial premise. Our materials and finishes (wood, metal and pvc) receive a special outdoor treatment. This ensures a high resistance against the sun, rainwater and wind. Maximum durability and resistance.

Doors in Málaga Tesesa • Interior

At Tesesa’s doors in Málaga you will find an extensive catalogue of interior doors with various styles: Classic, rustic, lacquered and design doors which will give your home or business a new and fresh look. We dispose of an extensive variety of woods and other high-tech materials as polypropylene, cpl, glass, vinyls, etc. Do not forget that we are able to complete a completely personalized design to any type of door.

Personalized doors in Málaga Tesesa

We are able to tailor doors so they fit to any space and we have varied opening systems (hinged, folding and sliding doors). All of them are assembled with market’s best fittings. As a complement of our interior and exterior doors we would like to highlight the large variety of handles and knobs, as well as the personalized design of crystals, being able to create almost any type of crystal with its resin to bring personality and exclusivity to your doors.