We manufacture the door you look for.

At Tesesa Malaga we are specialized in the design and manufacture of interior and front doors in a wide range of materials, finishes and styles.

At the forefront of design and incorporating innovative materials, our interior doors will give a special touch, different and unique to any corner of your home as the front doors will ensure security at the entrance of your home, business or local .

The most outstanding and remarkable feature of Tesesa Malaga with respect to the vast majority of competitors companies is the fact we can make custom designs, as we are manufacturers of doors and can customize any type of door to your needs, tastes and preferences.

We offer the latest door developments in wood, varnishes, textures, crystals, engraving, carving … so that the product is unique and fully customized.

Tesesa Malaga. Front doors.

Tesesa’s Malaga front doors are built with top quality materials, varied design and providing the highest security locking systems. Doors are equipped with the best locks on the market, guaranteeing maximum security at your home, business or premises. The materials and finishes (wood, metal and PVC) receive a special outdoors treatment of high resistance to sunlight, rainwater and air, providing maximum durability and resistance.

Tesesa Malaga. Interior doors.

At Tesesa Malaga you will find a wide range of interior doors in a variety of styles: Classic, rustic, lacquered and design doors which will give a new image to your home or business. We have a wide variety in wood and other materials of last generation as polypropylene, cpl, glass, vinyl, … and don’t forget that we can realize a design completely personalized and unique in any type of door.

Tesesa Malaga. Customized doors.

We adapt the doors to any space and we have several systems of door openings (hinged, folding, sliding, …) all of them assembled with the best fittings in the market. Additionally to our interior and front doors, we want to emphasize the great variety handles and knobs as well as custom design crystals. We can make for you almost any glass elaborated from resins giving character and personality to your doors.